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Home to elephants, leopards, and other animals, offers a chance to experience the beauty of nature.
  • There will be two centres, where ethnically designed housing and camping sites for tourists will be developed within tourist zone. These are Deras ( south) & Jhumka.
  • Each site will have 6 units of bamboo huts or Palmyra hut, 10 units of swiss cottage tent to cater 32 tourists at a time. Thus 3 resorts will have a total capacity of 96 visitors. This will be developed, in a phased manner depending on the demand.
  • Each resort will have a kitchen, an eating house and an evening gathering hall.
  • Dormitory accommodation will not be provided, for such demand has not been visualised.
  • Each resort will have piped water supply, solar light and thali meals to begin with.
  • Thali meals will be available at Rs.150/- each.
  • Breakfast and tea/ coffee will be available at Rs.40/- and Rs.15/- each.

There will be 2 elephants at Godibari. Each elephant ride will start at 0630 hr. and end at 0800 hr. and again at 1600 to 1730 hr ( for one and half hour each in the morning and evening). Each elephant will carry 6 tourists. The riding charge per elephant will be Rs.300.00 only.

Accommodation is available at following points:

1. Godibari 3 x double bedded room
2 Deras Bamboo/Log hut 3 x double bedded room
3 Deras F.R.H 3 x double bedded room
4 Dampara FRH 2 x double bedded room
  1. Godibari: – Godibari is the main gate of the sanctuary. This is in between the Daspur and Bhola Reserve Forest on both sides of old Grand Trunk Road. The road has its historical importance of creation during Shersah Suri during 16th century. The beautiful cave of Godibari was built in 1989 which attracts people as a ecotourism complex.
  2. Deras:- This is a beautiful minor irrigation project in the lap of natural beauty It is one of the entrance gate to the sanctuary. Established in the year 1967 this has become a main attraction point for tourists.The P.A. is located between geographical co-ordinates: 20º -12’-30” and 20º-26’-03” N latitudes and 85-49’-35” and 85- 34’-42” E longitudes. The sanctuary area is 193.39 sq. Km. and exists in two parts. The major part contains an area of 172.12 sq. Km. while the other part, Bharatpur- Jagannathprasad sector contain 19.275 sq. Km. The later part, under the Bhubaneswar Range is disjointed from the main body of the sanctuary by a 1Km. wide private village land at Kujimahal.The sanctuary is administered through 4 Forest Ranges with headquarters as mentioned below.
    Sl.No. Range headquarters Name of Range Sanctuary area of Range.
    1. 2. 3. 4.
    (i) Bhubaneswar BhubaneswarWildlifeRange 1,927.56 ha)
    (ii) Chandaka Chandaka Wildlife Range 5,623.90 ha)
    (iii) Minchinpatna Haladia Wildlife Range 4,742.00 ha)
    (iv) Damparagarh Dampara Wildlife Range 7,046.00 ha)